To comply with facebook rules there certain procedure to contribute a post on our facebook page :

1. Post are served by link with a screenshot of the videos. you should provide the best screenshots(400x400px) and working video links.

Title           :

Hi, watch my funny scared baby

Video Link : 


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Email above details to : Pages_master@yahoo.com

2. The videos and screenshot are previewed by page master prior to post it on the page

3. Post may not promote the sale or use of adult products or services, including but not limited to toys, videos, publications, live shows, or sexual enhancement products.

4. Post that receive a significant amount of negative user feedback, or are otherwise deemed to violate our community standards, are prohibited and will be removed. In all cases, Page master reserves the right to determine content is in violation of standards such as Illegal Activity, Harassment, Hate Speech, Minors, Sex/Nudity.

5. If the screenshots and the videos qualify the standards, pages master will notify you to proceed for payments.

6. Supporting the page, your contribution amount of each featured post to the page is independently determined due to relative impact to page's value. Pages master reserves the right to determine content contribution and period for the post to be kept in a page, according to their predetermined evaluations.

7. Pages master doesn't bear any obligation to submit any post found to violate standards nor to return the payments had made by sponsors.

By reading those explanations you're assumed to be clearly understood and obey the terms.

Once your item successfully posted, you'll be notified.

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